Affordable SEO Options for  Your Small Business


We are a Luton based company.We work on providing you with a sound, quality, long-term strategy that will bring you quality targeted traffic to your website. All with the peace of mind as it suits your business.

Customized SEO Packages


All our Options have been specifically tailored to ensure we maximize the chances of ranking our clients for their keywords, having taken into account all the Google updates – this is an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy built for 2018 and beyond. All our SEO packages have 1 Years contract, we work on a yearly  rolling basis.

Internal Page Analysis

These are internal landing pages in addition to the homepage which will be analyzed and made as relevant as possible to the keywords they are assigned to. We will also look at other factors which may affect usability and conversion rate 

Keyword Research

The most important part of the SEO project. We would look at things such as search volume vs competition, Google Trends, and money-making relevance to ensure the best combination of keywords are selected for the campaign. Once we know what keywords we want, we will assign each keyword to a landing page on your site, and improve relevancy with the Internal Page Analysis. 

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